Stewart Cameron

Clients comment that Stewart is great at distilling complex legal issues into an easily understandable form, and instilling confidence that their “baby” (e.g. a potentially valuable idea, product, design or brand etc.) is safe in his hands.

Recognising clients’ dislike of professional advisors that simply “churn out” generic work without thought for the wider commercial situation, client’s comment that Stewart’s advice is always relevant and matched to their overall objectives and budgets.

Stewart, a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys and member of the European Patent Institute, also regularly presents on IP topics to international audiences.


  • Director and Founder
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Unified Patent Court Representative
  • Chartered UK Patent Attorney
  • Design Attorney
  • BEng. Aeronautical Engineer
  • IP Patent Litigator

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Stewart's Expertise

Expert In Patent Drafting

Stewart has years of experience in drafting patent applications for both complex and straightforward inventions, tailoring his approach to meet the requirements of the UK and other international patent offices. He takes pride in obtaining the right scope of protection for innovations to suit clients’ needs and commercial goals.

Expert In Trade Marks

Stewart is skilled in representing clients in UK and international trade mark matters, helping his clients to navigate requirements of the various international trade mark registries. Feedback on Stewart’s trade mark work is that he makes complex matters easy to understand.

Expert In Start-Ups

Stewart has worked with many start-up businesses and understands their need for advice tailored to a budget. Being a business owner himself, Stewart is very commercially focused and works with businesses in a holistic way, always considering the wider commercial context. Stewart has worked with a variety of start-ups on government-funded IP audits.

More About Stewart


Stewart’s career in IP stretches back to 2002 – and includes many years working with a large multinational firm of European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys before founding Cameron Intellectual Property in 2011.

Stewart serves clients throughout the UK and has extensive experience working with a wide variety of clients in many different industry sectors, with particular expertise in mechanical and electro-mechanical subject matter.

Stewart also practised in London for two years prior to setting up Cameron Intellectual Property. Stewart has an Honours Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and handles clients’ IP matters in a broad range of technology areas including automotive, aerospace, rail, marine, oil and gas, packaging, toys, bicycle components, dental, agricultural, renewables, electronics, medical devices, construction and others. Stewart is also responsible for maintaining the firm’s network of preferred foreign associates.

Highlights As An Attorney


Witnessing first hand a clients’ eventual new product (which we helped protect with patent and design applications from the earliest stage) literally flying off the shelf at a trade fair!

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