Steven McIlroy

His previous role as a patent office examiner distinguishes Steven from most other attorneys: “I’ve found that my experience at the UK Patent Office searching, examining and granting patents very useful as a patent attorney. It helps me to critically analyse complex issues with an examiner’s eye so I can negotiate the broadest possible protection for my clients”.

A physicist by training, Steven is adept at getting to grips with a broad range of technologies within the wider engineering field.


  • Director
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Unified Patent Court Representative
  • Chartered UK Patent Attorney
  • Design Attorney
  • Member of the European Patent Institute (epi)
  • IP Patent Litigator
  • BSc. Physics with Environmental Science

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Steven's Expertise

Expert In Global Portfolio Management

Steven benefits from many years’ experience managing the international patent portfolios of large corporate clients. He maintains good connections with our firm's growing network of overseas attorneys and is always keen to establish new connections with international colleagues.

Expert In Designs & Design Patents

An often overlooked category of intellectual property rights – registered designs (or design patents) - is a particular area of expertise for Steven, and one that appeals to his creative side. Whether preparing and prosecuting applications, or conducting opinion work or due diligence, Steven is the go-to member within Cameron IP’s attorney team.

Expert In IP Ownership Disputes

Contentious disputes surrounding IP ownership are relatively rare, but usually involve high stakes and can be emotionally charged for the parties involved. Steven is an expert in navigating the complexities of applying the relevant statutes to the surrounding evidence and demonstrating patience, tenacity, creativity and attention to detail when working on these matters.

More About Steven


Steven has extensive experience within several diverse intellectual property roles spanning government, academia and private practice. His career dates back to 1997 when an interest in technology and an inquisitive mind led him to train as an examiner at the UK Intellectual Property Office. That early introduction to the world of intellectual property (IP) has stood him in good stead in future roles as an IP Manager at a leading UK university, and as a Director (Patents) within one of Europe’s largest patent attorney firms.

An epic 2,500 km pan-European charity cycle – up and over the Swiss Alps – once tested his mettle (and muscles) to the extreme. Steven always exercises his intellect and considerable experience to achieve the best possible results for his clients, be they individuals, SMEs or multinational corporations.

Steven loves to travel (not always by bicycle!) and his career has involved stints in Munich, Germany and Sydney, Australia. As the father of a young son though, travel plans and crazy bicycle trips are currently on hold.

Highlights As An Attorney


Defending an individual’s patent from concerted attack by an infringer and successfully enforcing it to achieve a mediated settlement. Ultimately this resulted in a lucrative licensing deal for the client. There is nothing more satisfying than helping “the little guy” get the justice he/she deserves.

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