Louise Carr

Louise’s main expertise lies in the physics, engineering, electronics and computing fields, and she has additional experience in the chemical domain.

She has particular experience working on medical devices, software-related technologies, optics and sports equipment.

Her chemical experience includes research on polymer nanoparticles used to encapsulate pharmaceuticals.

Having worked with multinational corporations, individual inventors, SMEs and universities, Louise is skilled at tailoring her advice (and use of jargon!) to suit the IP experience and aims of her clients.

The majority of Louise’s work involves drafting and prosecuting patent applications at the UKIPO and EPO and , where appropriate for the client, managing international portfolios covering the US, China and Japan. She particularly enjoys working on EPO opposition proceedings and has acted on behalf of opponents and defendants in a number of cases, particularly in the field of medical devices.


  • European Patent Attorney
  • Unified Patent Court Representative
  • Chartered UK Patent Attorney
  • Member of the European Patent Institute (epi)
  • MPhys. Physics

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Louise's Expertise

Expert In Patent Prosecution

Louise has a proven track record in overcoming patent office objections for her clients, utilising appropriate arguments and practical amendments where necessary. She is also well versed in navigating UKIPO and EPO examiner guidelines to obtain the best scope of protection for her clients, focusing on obtaining both broad and useful protection

Expert In Patent Drafting

Louise has experience of drafting for many different technology areas, always tailoring her approach to the budget and aims of the client. She is also well versed in helping IP attorneys in the US and other international jurisdictions adapt their specifications to European practice, to help them succeed in Europe.

Expert In Computer-Implemented Inventions & Software

Louise has an extensive and practical knowledge of the approaches of UKIPO and EPO examiners in this subject area, applying this to patent drafting and filing strategy. She takes a great interest in the field of AI inventions, and has been following patent office developments closely in this field, as the field evolves, and patent offices adapt their practices accordingly.

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