Jessica Williams

Jessica began her career at a small firm of patent attorneys, where she gained a huge breadth of experience handling a wide range of technologies, ranging from spacecraft engines down to underwear, with a great deal in between.

Jessica has worked with a variety of clients, and enjoys tailoring her advice to precisely match the client’s commercial needs and budget. She has extensive experience in providing commercially useful IP strategy advice to small and medium-sized clients for whom each and every piece of Intellectual Property is a crucially important business tool.

Jessica handles prosecution directly at the EPO and the UKIPO, and manages the prosecution of IP portfolios at other major patent offices, particularly in the US and in China.


  • Chartered UK Patent Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Member of the European Patent Institute (epi)
  • Natural Sciences (Physical), University of Cambridge

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Jessica's Expertise

Expert In SME Portfolio Management

Jessica is highly experienced in working with small and medium-sized businesses to identify actions they should take in respect of their IP, and in tailoring actions to their commercial goals and available budget. She is particularly adept at working with SMEs to provide scaleable and future-proofed IP portfolio management solutions.

Expert In Competitor IP Landscaping

Jessica is an expert in helping her clients to investigate the competitor IP landscape, providing customised searching and reporting according to her clients’ needs and budget. She is passionate about providing value for money in this area and is expert in advising on allocation of time and funds in this area for optimal results.

Expert In Ownership & Entitlement Issues

Jessica specialises in resolving IP ownership and entitlement matters before any contentious issues arise. This is of particular importance, for example, when multiple parties are involved in creating an invention. She is experienced in recommending the correct steps to ensure the chain of title is clear and the paper trail is solid – greatly lowering the chances of potentially costly future problems.

More About Jessica


Jessica’s degree at Cambridge included studying the History and Philosophy of Science alongside her technical subjects, and it was her studying of the real-world influence of scientific development that led her to seek out a career that would allow her to work in a field closely related to science and technology, but with immediate real world application (and the opportunity to debate technicalities and “minor” details for a living was a bonus!).

Highlights As An Attorney


Handling an alleged infringement situation on behalf of a tiny company who was under pressure from an extremely large competitor, she was able to find a compromise that meant litigation was avoided and both parties were satisfied with the outcome.

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