IP Valuation

An intellectual property portfolio can be an incredibly valuable asset to a business. It can therefore often be important to ensure that a monetary value is attributed to the portfolio.

IP Valuation

There are many different reasons one might want to place a value on intellectual property (IP) assets. Examples include e.g. when considering the sale or licence of assets, transferring assets between related or unrelated businesses, assessing a company’s overall value, raising finance or investment etc.  

IP valuation is by no means a straightforward task since there are essentially a multitude of variables that need to be taken into consideration.  There are also a number of different methods of attributing a value to IP.  For this reason, placing a value on IP is not something which any patent attorney would generally conduct in isolation since large elements of the process of arriving at a valuation on IP assets is essentially an accounting task.  However, as patent and trade mark attorneys, our familiarity with our client’s portfolios makes us ideally placed to work with accountants and IP valuation experts in order to support them in the process of valuing our client’s IP and to maintain your single point of contact with us at least during the valuation process.

We work with selected providers in order to provide this service. If this is of interest, please let us know and we can begin harvesting the required information from you in order to begin the process.  As you would expect, any such valuation exercise typically requires a significant amount of professional time and effort and therefore might typically cost anything from a couple of thousand pounds to several thousand pounds depending upon complexity; however, such costs will normally be more than saved in the resultant work output from such an exercise.

If you would prefer to avoid any costs initially, you can find some useful information on IP valuation, along with checklists and guidance documents, which you can go through yourself and which are available free of charge from the Government’s Intellectual Property Office website here.

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