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We work extensively with global associates and corporate counsel and have developed this UK and European resource hub based on their needs.

Supporting Global Counsel In The UK & Europe

  • We are experienced in working with attorneys from all over the world, and from all sectors.
  • We understand the unique demands on global counsel, and provide a service which helps them meet these demands.
  • Our staff come from some of the largest global IP attorney firms, and have experience in servicing the largest global clients.
  • We focus on quality, efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness.
  • We provide a unique, tailored service to each client.

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Effective UK & European Cost Management

View our solutions for maximising cost-efficiency when protecting IP in the UK and Europe.

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We answer some of the most frequently posed questions about UK and European practice.

If there’s a question you have that we haven’t included, please get in touch directly with our Global Counsel Liaison, Fiona McKenzie (see below).

Answers To Your FAQs

Global Counsel Liaison

We have a dedicated contact for global counsel. Fiona McKenzie has worked in the IP industry for almost 20 years, and has extensive experience of providing tailored and cost-effective solutions for a global client base.

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