Global Counsel

We work extensively with global associates and corporate counsel and have developed this UK and European resource hub based on their needs.

Supporting Global Counsel In The UK & Europe

  • We are experienced in working with attorneys from all over the world, and from all sectors.
  • We understand the unique demands on global counsel, and provide a service which helps them meet these demands.
  • Our staff come from some of the largest global IP attorney firms, and have experience in servicing the largest global clients.
  • We focus on quality, efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness.
  • We provide a unique, tailored service to each client.

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Effective UK & European Cost Management

View our solutions for maximising cost-efficiency when protecting IP in the UK and Europe.

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We answer some of the most frequently posed questions about UK and European practice.

If there’s a question you have that we haven’t included, please get in touch directly with our Global Counsel Liaison, Fiona McKenzie (see below).

Answers To Your FAQs
Global Counsel

Worldwide Portfolio Management

As well as being experts on UK and European matters, we also specialise in global portfolio management.

Find out more here on how we could assist your global business.

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Global Counsel Testimonial

“As a worldwide corporation with a large IP portfolio, we rely on the Cameron IP team to provide us with timely advice and a responsive service tailored to our needs across all IP areas, and they have always delivered. Aspects that have particularly impressed us are the attention to detail shown, the focus on developing excellent interpersonal relationships with our team, and their ability to provide solid guidance in areas outside our expertise. We highly recommend them”.

Wendell Harris, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Lexmark

Global Counsel Liaison

We have a dedicated contact for global counsel. Fiona McKenzie has worked in the IP industry for almost 20 years, and has extensive experience of providing tailored and cost-effective solutions for a global client base.

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