Copyright is a category of intellectual property rights which will be familiar to many.  It arises automatically upon the creation of an original copyright work and can be enforced against others who use such a work without permission.  Examples of copyright works include photographs, music, software code, web content and literary works.

Copyright is an often misunderstood category of intellectual property. In general terms copyright protects the expression of an idea and not the underlying idea itself. It does not therefore normally protect technical concepts (which can instead be protected by patents). Some important points to note about copyright are set out below:-

It is an automatic right

You can benefit from copyright automatically as soon as you have a created a qualifying piece of work. You do not need to formally register copyright.

Keep accurate, dated records

Since copyright is an automatic right, if you attempt to enforce copyright against a third party they will often question whether you are truly the correct legal owner of the right. This risk can be minimised by ensuring that you keep accurate, dated records of any work created.

Copyright covers more than just music or text

Although music and the written word are perhaps the most common forms of copyright, this category of intellectual property in fact covers lots of other things including literary, dramatic, or artistic work (so long as the work is original). Computer software for example is often classed as a literary work and is generally protected by copyright.

Copyright lasts a long time

For artistic works, copyright will normally expire 70 years from the end of the calendar year in which the author of the work dies.

Copyright prevents more then just copying

Copyright can be used to prevent someone copying, renting, lending, performing, broadcasting or adapting the work.

We provide a range of services relating to copyright including the following:-

– advice on correct ownership

– advice on how copyright can apply to three dimensional articles

– assignments and other transactions in copyright

– contentious cease and desist and infringement services.

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