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September 3, 2018

Pickled Onions are the new Rock ‘n’ Roll

For Alex James, food is the new rock ’n’ roll, says Cara McGoogan in The Daily Telegraph. “I don’t think you can really be in an indie band any more,” says Blur’s bassist, 49. “That lovely romantic ideal of living in a Transit van and playing in pubs around the country has gone. But if you’ve got an interesting recipe for pickled onions or chutney, that spirit of independence and fun absolutely lives on in food production.” Musicians today, he argues, face an impossible loss of privacy: “You park badly, somebody tweets it, everybody hates you and that’s the end of your career. Doesn’t Ed Sheeran just want to get naked and be an idiot?” James now delights in producing cheese and holding an annual food festival, the Big Feastival, on his farm in the Cotswolds. As for Britpop, his heart sinks when he hears it mentioned. “So I’ve decided to turn it into a marketing opportunity: – I have trademarked the name.” And what exactly will his Britpop be? “A British sparkling wine.”

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