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  • AI & IP: asking the questions January 4, 2022
    IPO CEO Tim Moss looks at how IP can best support AI innovation within the government’s National AI Strategy.
    Tim Moss
  • Introducing the Faker Takers December 23, 2021
    Recent reports from the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) show that fake goods trading is on the increase. Dan Anthony looks at the reasons behind this rise and what is being done to combat these illegal practices.  In …
    Dan Anthony
  • Creeping it real this Halloween October 26, 2021
    As Halloween approaches, now is the time that trick or treaters everywhere are planning their spooky costumes. Here are our tips on staying safe from poor quality counterfeits and 'creeping it real'.
    Imogen Percival
  • Crowdsourcing brings gender neutrality to a legacy manual. October 20, 2021
    A team of more than 40 ‘crowdsourced’ patent examiners took on the task of upgrading all 1,028 pages of the IPO’s 35-year-old Manual of Patent Practice, aiming to refresh its dated language and make it inclusive. Senior Patent Examiner Phil Lawrence tells us more. 
    Philip Lawrence
  • The Photography Show: your questions answered October 15, 2021
    IPO Digital Communications Officer, Oliver Downey, recently attended The Photography Show at the NEC Birmingham alongside the team, where copyright was centre stage.
    Oliver Downey
  • Closing the Loop: dealing with the deluge October 14, 2021
    In the latest blog in our 'Closing the Loop' series, we take a look at what happened when a worldwide pandemic had an unexpected impact on our trade mark and design examination applications. 
    Gary White
  • Spotlight on Inclusion – Words from our Staff Networks October 1, 2021
    National Inclusion Week 2021 has begun; it’s a week to celebrate, inspire and recognise our staff networks and to value the differences we each bring to the workplace, making the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) a fair and brilliant place to …
    Oliver Downey
  • IP Love Island July 29, 2021
    Love it or hate it, Love Island has become one of the UK’s most watched shows, with 5.9 million viewers in 2020. This year, “the most commercialised show on British television” allegedly netted more than £12 million in revenues. Find out how much of the show's spin-off success is based on brands commercialising their intellectual […]
    Kelsey Lewis
  • Closing the loop on your feedback (Part Two) July 19, 2021
    In my last blog, I gave you an insight into how we close the loop on your feedback and explained why it’s so important for our customers to continue to provide us with their feedback so we can continue to …
    Jamie Edwards
  • Renewals: launch of our first ‘One IPO’ service July 14, 2021
    Renewals: launch of our first ‘One IPO’ service We have marked an important milestone for UKIPO. After trialling our new digital Renewals service for 18 months with a limited group of customers, we have opened it up for everyone to …
    Peter Slater
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