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  • Meet the IPO Board: CEO Adam Williams January 31, 2023
    In December 2022, Adam Williams was announced as IPO’s new CEO. After 13 years at the IPO, he isn’t a totally unknown quantity, but we talked to Adam to find out more about his background, his IPO journey and his aspirations for IPO’s future.
    Jenny Manders
  • One IPO Transformation: first glimpse of our simplified search service December 8, 2022
    With less than one year until we start piloting the ‘One IPO’ service for patents customers, Lucy Mills, Project Lead, tells us about the new search service, with new tools to search and analyse IP.
    Lucy Mills
  • Hornit’s story: the SME who used IP to combat the counterfeiters November 28, 2022
    Wheeling their way into the future, are Hornit - an innovative and creative British business that produces a wide range of cycling products. We spoke to their CEO Tom de Pelet about how Hornit has grown and how intellectual property …
    Imogen Percival
  • Don't blow Christmas: avoid a mistake, spot the fake November 21, 2022
    The IPO has collaborated with a range of enforcement partners to help consumers stay safe when shopping and to avoid counterfeit products. With prices dropping across retail and Christmas around the corner, Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be irresistible. Find out how you could be targeted by online traders selling counterfeit goods.
    Kelsey Jones
  • Tackling IP crime with Trading Standards November 4, 2022
    Collaboration and partnerships are key to the IPO’s efforts to combat IP crime and form the core of the IPO’s new counter-infringement strategy. The IPO’s work with our partners is crucial for the strategy’s success. Our partnership with Trading Standards is a central element of this jigsaw. Marcus Evans, IPO’s Deputy Director of Intelligence and […]
    Marcus Evans
  • Accessibility matters to us all at the IPO  October 4, 2022
    Following National Inclusion Week (26 Sep – 2 Oct) it’s now National Dyslexia Week and we’re reflecting on our accessibility progress here at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). As I browsed through the archives, I came across a blog written …
    Amy Price
  • One IPO Transformation: first glimpse of the new patent application service July 13, 2022
    It’s just over a year since we launched our ground-breaking, five-year ‘One IPO’ Transformation programme – a complete modernisation of our IP rights services. Emma Ford, Project Lead, brings us a preview of our new patent application service.
    Simeon Bowen
  • Celebrating British IP Day with great success stories  July 6, 2022
    At the Intellectual Property Office we like to celebrate intellectual property every day. British IP Day, however, gives us that extra excuse for sharing some great IP success stories.
    Nic Fearon-Low
  • Intelligent Energy: using the IPO Green Channel to accelerate environment-friendly patents June 6, 2022
    We spoke to one of the companies who have made use of IPO’s Green Channel – a fast track patent application process- to find out their environmental innovation story.
    Imogen Percival
  • Time for tea: raising a cup to the IP in the Platinum Jubilee party June 2, 2022
    From street parties to balloons, to masks. Whatever your plans, we have you covered this bank holiday. We explore some of the fun IP in Jubilee.
    Kayleigh Enticknap
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