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  • Responding to the challenge September 6, 2019
    Our latest innovation and growth report does an excellent job capturing the breadth of the work of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). It would be easy to pick highlights of the things we’ve achieved in 2018-19 and just summarise what …
    David Holdsworth
  • Going London’s IP is underground July 31, 2019
    One hundred years ago a design classic was created. The image is so iconic and trusted that it has become easier to identify than a flag. Through good times and bad Transport for London’s ‘roundel’ has encapsulated London’s metropolitan swagger. …
    Dan Anthony
  • New Designers 2019: Paving the way for entrepreneurs July 24, 2019
    We answer some of the most asked questions at New Designers 2019 and share the common pitfalls people encounter when applying to register a design.
    Rebecca Trussell
  • Can you help? Views wanted on the IP enforcement framework July 12, 2019
    As part of the government's IP enforcement framework review, the IPO are setting up a working group to capture people's experiences of using the framework to protect their IP.
    Naomi Beckford
  • New IPO podcast: Born to License July 10, 2019
    Did you know, the brand licensing industry was worth $280.3 billion in 2018? David Born, owner of licensing agency Born Licensing and star of our most recent podcast talks to us about working in the industry.
    David Born
  • Escape your limits for British IP Day 2019 June 26, 2019
    Today marks the fourth annual British IP Day. A chance to recognise and celebrate the huge contribution that intellectual property (IP) makes to the UK, culturally and economically. To help us mark the occasion, today we shine the spotlight on …
    Kirsty Edwards
  • The Game is On! Copyright and creativity with Sherlock Holmes June 13, 2019
    Our latest educational resource in partnership with Copyright User, puts copyright and creativity under the magnifying glass of the great detective, Sherlock Holmes.
    Bartolomeo Meletti
  • Copyright and GDPR for photographers June 11, 2019
    I’m always amazed at how a moment can be captured so perfectly, displaying every emotion and eternalising them. It could be a wedding photographer, clicking the moment a father first sees his daughter in her wedding dress. Or a nature …
    Rebecca Trussell
  • The joys and inventions of a new home May 29, 2019
    Becoming a homeowner can be a stressful time. Thankfully IP is there to help! From coffee machines to duster gloves, we look at some of the inventions that make life a little easier.
    Rebecca Trussell
  • Mental health awareness at the IPO May 14, 2019
    For Mental Health Awareness Week, one of our Mental Health Advocates shares some top tips for self-care and what the IPO are doing to aid staff wellbeing.
    Kelsey Lewis
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