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January 30, 2023

International Trade Mark Applications – Why You Should Designate UK Address For Service

For our international trade mark associates – when filing international trade mark applications (Madrid Protocol) which designate the UK, you should now ensure you designate a UK address for service on the application ASAP.

A small change by the UKIPO to its practice last week has meant that any attacks on granted UK designations will lead the UKIPO to notify the WIPO representative – or the IP holder directly – by post only, and it will expect a response within one month confirming an intention to defend the action. This means there is a risk of the alert not being safely received by post, and rights being affected or lost.

So, to de-risk, we advise simply assigning a UK address for service at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure all notices are received in a timely fashion. We are of course happy to be designated as that UK address for service! Contact Chris Cairns to do this free-of-charge.

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