Starting Out With IP

Download helpful tips and guidance on the IP basics to your device.


Helpful tips on the IP fundamentals


  6 Advantages Of Using UK Registered Designs

  6 Tips For Protecting Websites & Apps In The UK

  Patent Marking In The UK – 6 Things You Should Know

  IP Considerations For Exporters

 Company Registration Vs TM Registration

 Keeping Your Idea Confidential – 7 Key Points

 Making IP Work For You – 5 Top Tips

 5 Advantages Of Using IP Audit Funding

  IP Insurance – 6 Things You Should Know

 How IP Rights Can Improve Your Bottom Line

 Protecting Your Brand In The Whisky Industry:  An Interview With Blair Bowman


Disclaimer: These briefing downloads are provided for background information only and should not be considered as legal advice.  Due to the constantly evolving nature of IP law and practice, please contact us for up to date guidance.

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